• About

    Aeternum works with partners such as private equity funds, technology providers, operators, and infrastructure funds to originate investments, add value and deliver investment returns.

  • Aeternum’s UK
    Infrastructure Projects

    Aeternum are developing a range of infrastructure projects across the UK including integrated Renewable Energy and Recycling Villages, Advanced Water Treatment Plants, Biofuels and Advanced Lubricant Manufacture and Oil Storage facilities.

  • Recycling

    Aeternum manage and partner proven and sustainable technology operators to create recyclable products and power.

  • Biofuels and
    Renewable Energy

    Aeternum operate a range of biofuel processing technologies, as well as partner proven technology operators.

  • Water

    The regulated UK waste water industry provides the ideal market for private facilities operating merchant treatment plants for hazardous water treatment plants.

  • Environmental

    Aeternum is committed to the highest environmental standards and aims to meet or exceed industry sustainability guidelines.